Emergency Generators


Emergency PowerWilliamson Electric solves electrical lighting emergency problems everyday for hospitals, nursing homes, stores, doctors’ offices, factories, auto dealers, supermarkets, and many more:

  • Complete loss of power

  • Isolated overloads or non-working power lines or outlets

  • Exit signs

  • Back-up generators

  • Security and monitoring systems

  • Bringing existing systems up to code

  • State mandatory testing once a year

Williamson Electricians are experienced troubleshooters.  We handle all emergency situations safely, efficiently, and effectively and offer on-target, diagnostics and reasonable, free estimates.  No project is too small or too big, residential or commercial.

We cover the entire gamut of urgent lighting situations, including the breakdown or malfunction of electrical parts, systems and fixtures, as well as electrical troubleshooting, diagnoses, installation, mandatory code testing, and maintenance.

If you have a lighting emergency, you know you can rely on and trust Williamson Electric.  We are available 24/7 and return all phone calls promptly.  Email or call us now.