Knob and Tube Rewiring

replace knob and tube wiring with Williamson Electric

If you are concerned about the safety of your older home’s knob and tube electrical wiring and are considering a rewiring project, please read this page and contact or call Williamson Electric at 215-368-1815.

Replacing the knob and tube wiring in your home will guarantee an immediate appreciation in your property’s value, in addition to solving safety issues and satisfying home insurance companies’ underwriting requirements. Although this may be a big project for most homeowners, it is well worth the investment to replace your knob and tube wiring.

Why you should replace your home’s knob and tube electrical wiring

  • It is not safe.

  • Older houses, particularly those constructed prior to the 1950’s, used “knob and tube” wiring (also called K & T) and are considered electrical safety risks today.

  • You will have trouble getting home insurance, unless you can produce a licensed electrician’s certificate of inspection confirming that all knob and tube has been replaced.

  • Your property’s market value will be downgraded.

  • You cannot insulate your home with knob and tube wiring.

Why is knob & tube wiring considered a safety hazard?

There are obvious safety issues with this older form of home wiring, such as:

  • Lack of a grounding conductor

  • Potential for shock, electrocution, sparks, fire, circuits blowing/over-heating, and damage to equipment and switches

  • Brittle and disintegrating insulation.

  • Adding onto to this older system with modern wiring only increases these dangers.

Williamson Electric can help appreciate your property value and improve its safety.  We have the experienced knowledge base to solve all your older home rewiring problems.

Contact or call us now at 215-368-1815 for an appointment and let us properly asses your home wiring needs.